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~~WELCOME to EXILE Community~~

EXILE is a seven-member J-POP/R&B group under the avex mini-label rhythm zone, originally called J Soul Brothers in 1999, but changed their name to EXILE in 2001 before their major label debut. EXILE consists of vocalists as well as performers. Its member roster currently includes HIRO (originally a member of ZOO), MAKIDAI, MATSU, USA as performers, Shun and ATSUSHI as a vocalist. Shun was a member of the group until March 29th, 2006, when he announced that he was leaving the group to pursue a solo career. As of September 2006, the band has got a new co-vocalist, TAKAHIRO. A new member, AKIRA, has also joined as a performer, making EXILE into a seven-men group.


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